Browser-based digital asset management

It supports images, documents, graphics, audio and video, as well as PDF. With FotoWeb manage all digital assets and can provide for different user groups, ie suppliers, partners, trade shops, freelancers and remote offices directly and conveniently available.

The powerful image management solution on your computer

Use FotoStation for importing, sorting, tagging, process and distribute your digital assets. The client application is designed for professional use and provides extensive configuration options for adaptation to your individual workflow.


The central search engine of the FotoWare system

The Index Manager is a powerful, server-based search engine with full text search in the entire database. The Index Manager monitors your archives and updates the index at the moment, be added in the files, modified or removed from the archive.

Image optimization and workflow automation

The Color Factory automates many routine tasks at work with a Digital Asset Management System. The server program accepts complex workflow tasks, quality control, automatic image conversion and image adjustments and automated color management.

Effective, automatic data distribution

Connect is a powerful server application for the automatic creation of data. For example, for the central archives from which files need to be distributed to multiple offices, or as in-house utility to automate workflow operations.


The FotoWare system overview

The system structure

The system structure

Scaling options (examples)

Scaling options (examples)


DAM solutions from FotoWare and Xenario:
Industry-specific and according to your requirements

Marketing & Communication

Working efficiently with a clever organized media pool - shared by all departments and external partners.
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Publishers & Media

More performance with each media asset. Faster process and publish faster. On all channels and in all formats.
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The end of the island solutions. Adaptable and reliable structures for contemporary media management in the public, scientific and cultural fields.
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