Laidback Feedback

Image reports and usage lists in an easy way

With the software, the feedback reference / image usage can be largely automated. Feedback analyzes images within a finished layout (PDF documents) and creates reports based on the copyright information in the images (IPTC XMP). Feedback is completely browser-based and acts as an archive of all publications by the way. Fully integrated with FotoWare DAM software, a complete workflow solution for reporting is achieved.

Send automated reports (HTML,CSV,XML) to your contributors and keep track of your spend per publication.  Not just for print, but digital usage of images on your BLOGS, WEBSITE and CMS can also be reported on.

A must have for all NEWS Publishers and Magazines.  A valuable tool for picture agencies to monitor use of their pictures as well.


Laidback FileTrain

Automation, file routing and workflows

FileTrain is the most powerful and flexible tool to automate any production workflow. Besides copying, moving, FTP upload / download, and email delivery, it can also image editing XMP routing and database perform communication. The workflow capabilities of FileTrain are able to save you hours and days of manual work.


Laidback Sherpa

Size checks and metadata control for placed images

Pay images on the size used and have no control? Need use information in your published images? Do you spend much precious time in Photoshop, just to adjust metadata?

Sherpa is an extension of the Adobe Creative Suite®, which allows you to add XMP / IPTC metadata in images that are mounted on a layout of an InDesign document.

The applications for this are many:

  • Marking pictures with copyrights
  • Adding keywords for better archiving
  • Enriching the images with publication, departmental or size information in order to obtain eg in downstream processes better evaluation possibilities

Laidback ColorMan

Image optimization in InDesign and QuarkXPress

ColorMan works as a plugin for Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress directly with leading systems for automatic image processing, such. As FotoWare Color Factory, together.

In addition ColorMan can automatically place image lines or copyright notices directly in the layout. A traffic light function informs the layout always on the quality of the placed images.


About Laidback

The swedish software producer Laidback Solutions AB was founded in January 2002 and has specialized in software solutions for the graphic arts business.

Laidback develops, markets and selleth own products and provides custom development. Products and services aimed customers such as newspapers, magazines, printing houses and other publishing companies. Laidback used its know-how in the development of plug-ins for Adobe software like InDesign, InCopy and Adobe Acrobat or XTensions for Quark software like QuarkXPress, CopyDesk or QPS.