DAM in the Cloud - Move your assets to Microsoft Azure

FotoWare can now offer a SaaS solution in partnership with Microsoft AZURE.  There is no set up cost and it works out of the box.  Secure and reliable, your DAM solution is accessible 24/7 365.

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G-Cloud 9 Digital Marketplace - DAM in the Cloud

Xenario UK supply SaaS solutions for FotoStation, FotoWeb, Index Manager, Color Factory and Connect. At our ISP in London we already host customer servers running FotoWare software. A simple rental model for the software and hardware will allow you greater flexibility for payment.

The software as a service providers model allows us to develop, host and operate software for our customer use. Software as a service Hosting means that there is now an alternative too having to purchase the hardware / software to run an application, clientele only require a computer or a server to download the app and internet access and utilise the software. SaaS providers (Software as a service providers) allows the software to be licensed for either a single user or for a whole group of users.

SaaS providers (Software as a service providers), software vendors could host the app on their own web servers or upload the app to the consumer device, disabling it after use or after the on-demand contract expires.

Our service consists of managed servers with full backup and built in resilience. We are able to offer this service as a package to allow you to run your business without having to worry about the hardware and software.

Xenario UK supply (SaaS) solutions for FotoWare DAM software. A simple rental model for the software and hardware will allow you greater flexibility for payment. There is now an alternative to having to purchase the hardware / software to run a DAM solution for your organisation. We can help you.


  • Store and archive - ingest the content
  • Find and share - search and distribute assets, social media
  • Automation Tools - process the assets, size, resolution etc.
  • Secure the Content - permissions, Active directory
  • Track - versions and updates
  • Metadata - enrich the content. XMP/IPTC
  • Available 24/7 - access for everyone
  • Mobile and Tablet - user interfaces
  • Integration - API's, HTML 5


  • Metadata and Taxonony made easy
  • Automatic file indexing, dynamic indexing and fast search
  • Asset lifecycle management with expiration dates
  • Easy and flexible sharing options for individual assets
  • Automation of rights management
  • Create alerts and notifications
  • Set up publishing or distribution workflows
  • Digital assets to support your business processes.
  • Integrate with Microsoft Office and Adobe CS


£650 to £50000 per licence

  • Excluding VAT
  • Education pricing available
  • Minimum contract period: Other
  • Trial option available

Service ID



Nigel Abbott

+44 1 293 434 995





Support service type

  • Service desk
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Live chat
  • Onsite

Support accessible to any third-party suppliersYes

Support availability - Normal Hours or 24/7 support (UK Managed) or via FotoWare Partners. Additional Support providing Telephone, e-mail and remote control support.

Standard Support response times are within 4 hours.

Incident escalation process available

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