CCTV Process and Store

When you talk to potential FotoWare customers in the Public Sector, are they interested in the viewing and management of CCTV using FotoWare? 


It was a problem that the UK and others were finding when talking to Police, and government departments.   A cost effective solution was required for this rather unique form of video processing. 


Working together SiraView and Xenario UK Limited have developed a solution.

Viewing the CCTV, dashboard cams etc.

The CCTV, body worn video and mobile phone footage is viewed using the “SiraView” client software.  “SiraView” is a universal CCTV viewer currently being used in over 30 UK police forces and international in many organisations.  The software enables users to view many different CCTV formats using a single, easy-to-use user interface without the need to use each of the manufacturer’s proprietary viewers.

Management using FotoWare Version 8

Management using FotoWare

Still images or a video clips can be selected and exported directly from “SiraView” to the FotoWare server.  The ingestion tools of the FotoWare version 8 software are designed to process the images and data and store them into the repository alongside any other ingested data.  The metadata which is entered in SiraView is automatically indexed by the FotoWare system and is ready to be used in minutes.   Call us for more information +44 1293 434 995