The SCIT App was developed initially for the NHS because they had a strong need to capture patient information quickly and securely without compromising patient confidentiality.

The SCIT App enables Clinical Staff or Police officers to securely take clinical or evidence based images on their own mobile devices. By adding additional crime information or patient identifiable data, the secure package is then transferred securely in transit, directly to the FotoWare DAM. In the background FotoWare DAM links metadata from the patient record system (PAS, EPR) or the Scenes of Crime database to complete the upload task.

Information governance approved, the system provides an extensive audit trail of activity and more importantly the App does not allow access to the images on the mobile device, therefore conforming to strict governance criteria and data protection. (GDPR).

In the case of Patient consent for images to be taken and used, the consent is achieved by a simple touch button request or a scan of the patient armband. In the event of a lost wiFi or mobile data connection the job is queued in the app. A notification email is sent when the transfer is complete. Contact us for more information


for Clinical use

Collecting patient data and images for transfer to the FotoWare DAM.


for Police use

Secure image capture and upload to a FotoWare DAM

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