Capture the CCTV, Clip, Stills and metadata and then store in a FotoWare DAM

MetaData - But it’s not just the viewing of the video footage itself that causes such a headache among consumers of CCTV. The associated metadata - time stamps, channel numbers, image information etc. –  forms a crucial part of the evidence that CCTV can provide. And although this information is included with most, if not all proprietary readers, it is not presented in a common way.

Sharing images is crucial to what you do with your CCTV. SiraView and FotoWare makes it easy to export clips, single frames as still images (BMP or JPEG) or send them directly to a printer. Exported or printed images can also display camera, time and decoder information. All stored in a FotoWare DAM.

Video sequences can be burnt directly to DVD, or converted and saved to formats including QuickTime, MPEG and H.264. Multiple camera streams can be exported simultaneously.


Package up the evidence and enable efficient labeling and referencing of clips. Using the split-screen viewer, you can navigate through your footage and mark up pertinent events as you go, by adding clips onto your storyboard. Each clip retains its original metadata, ensuring easy and reliable referencing to your source material to guarantee evidential quality. 

Storyboard clips and data can be organised by date, subject etc., according to your needs, and can be readily recalled.  Contact 01293 434 995 for more details and a demonstration.

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