Administration & Culture

Everyday life in the public sector: From the employment office to the admissions office, authorities in one and the same municipality often work with decentralized, different data management systems. This is not only confusing, but also inefficient. We put here our central media archive. This allows all authorities to work with the same system. They use a common stock of photos, videos and audio clips. And at a price that matches the public budgets in town and country.


However, our DAM solutions do not only fit into the Landratsamt, but also into cultural institutions. Museums for example. There they make it easier to bring a virtual exhibition on their own website or to provide materials for scientific research. And in universities and research institutes, they help to prepare lectures and seminars. In addition, they are a valuable resource pool for international, multilingual research teams and a precise documentation aid in the preparation of scientific publications.





Our software has a powerful search function that searches all media files and analyzes each property of those files. So you can find what you are looking for faster. You can easily enter new files by dragging and dropping. Alternatively, it's also possible via a web interface or an app.



All media files can be easily dragged and dropped directly into the FotoWare DAM. Or the users upload their data via the web interface from the Internet. Or via app from a smartphone. .



View, edit, keyword, download or delete - with the authorization system, you specify exactly which user gets which rights.



You can access your data collection directly from your standard programs, such as MS Word or PowerPoint. You do not need to open a new program for this.



Do you really need a module for image optimization in your DAM system? Or the automated search function? Simply adjust the functionality to your individual needs. That makes your DAM solution lean and efficient. .



Simply compile collections of images, graphics, or texts and share them easily with other individuals, groups of users, or external users. .



Where was the photo created? And when? Only with such metadata does a file become a valuable asset. FotoWare will automatically accept these during the upload. So you need to enter less data - and nothing can be lost.



FotoWare collects information about image rights and licenses by default. So you are always aware of the legal use of data in the picture.


The time-consuming search for photos is a thing of the past. Within seconds, all employees have ... the overview of whether we have a specific photo subject, as well as access to relevant additional information about the photo, e.g. regarding quality and usage rights.
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