Do you have any idea what your DAM system should do? Here you can quickly and easily check whether FotoWare basically meets your requirements. Please note that certain features are only available in certain system variants.



for Users

+++ Powerful search
+++ File import and export function
+++ Unlimited asset capacity
+++ Archive function
+++ Metadata support
+++ Simplified metadata handling
+++ Individual keyword
indexes +++ Individual taxonomies
+++ Archiving function for Files
+++ album function
+++ easy administration

+++ Management of images, videos, PDFs, vector graphics
+++ All format variants available
+++ Thumbnails in full resolution
+++ Pixel-accurate zoom function

Workflow and automatisms
+++ Automation of manual worfklows

Roles and permissions
+++ Powerful authorization management
+++ for group and individual
users +++ simple, intuitive operation
+++ Controlling the usability of assets via image rights / license expiration dates

ability +++ CMS
+++ MS Office
+++ Adobe

Mobile Work
+++ iPhone
+++ iPad
+++ Android
+++ Web Interface for Windows Phone

Social Media
+++ Networking with search engines and social media

for Power-Users

Quick work
+++ Keyboard shortcuts for fast working
+++ Frequency of storing search queries
+++ Editing files in batch
+++ Image comparison in full-screen mode +++ Sending permalinks
+++ Control functions for prescribed and optional metadata

+++ support of popular video formats
+++ quick
review +++ clip is displayed as a stream

User Management
+++ SSO and AD Integration
+++ guest / read-only accesses

+++ publish self-service media portals ***

for IT

Manufacturer FotoWare
+++ FotoWare released the first DAM software in 1994, making it a pioneer in this IT sector. Today, the company has distributors and integrators in over 40 countries, serving thousands of customers across the network.

Basically, the FotoWare system is based on a client-server setup. The server must have access to the directories where your photos, graphics, videos, and documents are stored. The users access the server with their user licenses via web browser or client. With the apps for iOS and Android access to the DAM system works on the go.

Redundancy / Staging Licenses
+++ For complex system environments, FotoWare offers the purchase of backup or trial licenses.

Maintenance (SMA) +++ FotoWare works according to the classic software maintenance principle. For every 18% of the license fee per year, you will receive all updates, upgrades, and free e-mail support.

Variants +++ in the Cloud
+++ on-Premises / in-house
+++ on-Premises / externally hosted
+++ Hybrid Solutions

C loud-operation
+++ Microsoft Azure
+++ Amazon Web Services

options +++ CMS
+++ Adobe
+++ Microsoft Office

Rights management
+++ Connection to Active Directory Services possible

+++ The RESTful API is a powerful standardized interface that allows technicians to network the FotoWare DAM system with other systems. It is important if you want or need to integrate your DAM system into other systems.

+++ FotoWare is available in 12 languages

for Buyers

The FotoWare DAM is extremely scalable due to its modularity. This applies to the usable range of functions, the number of users and the volume of assets. With little effort, the system can be adapted to the current requirement situation in the company.

License purchase +++ When purchasing the licenses, you acquire the right to use the software for an unlimited period of time. After the warranty has expired, you will have the option to permanently access all updates, feature releases, and upgrades to new software versions through a Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA).

+++ The classic initial investment is no longer required for leasing. The software is leased (leased) in a similar way to a motor vehicle and can become permanent after the lease expires. Over the term of the contract, you only have to bear the burden of a low, predictable leasing rate.

Software Rental
+++ Software rental is the most flexible way to use a FotoWare system of any size. You simply pay a monthly amount for as long as you want to use the software. The subscription price also automatically includes the fee for software maintenance.

+++ As flexible as the FotoWare DAM packages can be laced, so many price variants are possible. From the single-user solution for a freelance photographer for a few hundred euros to the enterprise system in the 5-digit euro range, everything is conceivable. One thing is clear: license costs inevitably include project costs as well as costs for operation and maintenance. With our expertise, we make transparent offers that ensure the long-term success of your DAM project.