Marketing and Communication

Which agency has which data? Does this picture fit with the current corporate design? How do I quickly create a social media post from this ad? Marketing departments are struggling with such questions. And waste a lot of time and money. Day after day.


With us you regain control over your assets. In Digital Asset Management with FotoWare you centralize all assets in one system. You can organize them easily and conveniently with tags, metadata and user-defined fields. You control access rights very comfortably. So everyone in your team knows where to find the required data and always accesses the latest version. This speeds up your marketing processes.

In addition, the system relieves you of annoying work - giving you more time for what's really important.





Simply automate repetitive tasks - this not only avoids mistakes, but also saves time, money and nerves.



Everyone in your organization can view, share, and annotate any type of file - without special software.



You can access your data in FotoWare directly from your usual programs - for example the Adobe products, Word and PowerPoint or your CMS .


For Sure

They determine which persons are allowed to access which data. An approval workflow ensures that only the right data is used. .



On-the-go data management: It's easy to approve, revoke or publish content on your smartphone or tablet.



A marketeer must be organised and be confident that the media assets that are used are current, licensed for use and available. A FotoWare DAM is the solution.
Corporate Marketing Department
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