How would you like it: Buy FotoWare and install it locally in your home? Or do you prefer to rent the software at a monthly fixed amount and store the data safely and comfortably in the cloud? We have a solution for both. 


Your digital asset management in the cloud

There are three variants: Starter, Team and Professional. You rent the system for a monthly fee and you do not have to worry about anything.

Your Digital-Asset-Management on premise

Upon request, we will work with you to put together your own tailor-made digital asset management system.


Whatever operating model you choose, on-premise or cloud, both delivery options bring a number of advantages and disadvantages as well as opportunities. We can help you with both solutions so reach out to us and we can help.
Kevin Clark, Customer Support Manager

Special: For educational institutions

As a representative of an educational institution, you can purchase the Edu package of our software. In doing so, you can secure a version specially adapted to the needs of educational institutions - and save up to 70%. .

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